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10 Things To Expect At The Annual Igbo Festival Of Arts and Culture (IFAC) UK -Igbo Day

If you are an Igbo person living in the UK and you have never heard of this festival, allow me to introduce the Igbo festival of Arts and Culture (IFAC). Also known as Igbo Day UK. This is an annual event that takes place in the summer.

This year, the 9th IFAC  was celebrated on the 16th of July at Jubilee park at Enfield, London. This coincided with a similar event called IgboFest 2022 which took place on the same day several miles away in Houston,USA.

This is a once in a year opportunity to celebrate everything Igbo related: from the attire, to the dancing, the food, the music and the people.

Various Igbo groups and communities from the South East of Nigeria are well represented. Each group does a parade and dances round the open area and at the end the best group presentations are awarded trophies.


1.Terrific Atmosphere
You need to be there to experience it. The turn out is always epic. People travel from far and wide, within England , Wales , Scotland and from overseas to attend this event so if your are already in UK, there are no excuses. There is a lot of happiness in the air and that feeling of Igbo pride that is hard to put into words.

2.Beautiful Traditional Attires especially Isi Agu
The Isi Agu which is the traditional fabric with the head of Lion (some call it leopard) is worn by almost every male. The actual term for lion is 'Odum' but we will save that discussion for another blog. It comes in many different colours and variations and is usually paired with the 'okpu agu' striped cap.

3.Masquerades Gallore
If you remember being chased by a masquerade in the village as a child growing up, then you will automatically maintain a healthy distance and give them some respect. They have different names and status. 

4.Music from Home 
Come and listen to  a variety of Igbo musicians from the oldies we know and love like Oliver de Coque, Chief Emeka Maduka to the newbies like Phyno, Flavour and Ckay.

5.Talented Dance Performances
Each group may come with its own dance display. It was a special pleasure to be able to witness the display of traditional Nsukka dancing (Ikorodo) by the two young ladies from the Nsukka Welfare Association. Follow their youtube channel Ezenergy.2020

6.Attention to Details
The event organizers deserve an award for the organisation - from parking attendants directing traffic outside the venue, to first aids stalls, to sanitation to pre-emptive child safety measures. 

7.Child Friendly Atmosphere
The Igbo festival is chance for you to explain your culture to your children and a chance for them to witness it first hand. The stewards have child safety bracelets for each child in case they wander off. 

8. Catch Up With Friends and Family 
This event is an opportunity to catch up with people you haven't seen in a long time. You have the opportunity to make new connections also. 

9.Igbo Vendors 
Come and shop with Igbo vendors selling food, traditional attire, jewelry and accessories. 

10.Find Your Tribe 
Even if you arrived at the festival not knowing any Igbo organisations, by the time you leave you will have found your tribe or local organisation that represents where you are from. Checkout some of the organisations represented at IFAC 2022....


List of organisations at the 2022 Igbo Festival Of Arts and Culture 

Abia Women Uk and Ireland 
Awkwuzu Association UK
Amawbia Town Union
Anglican Igbo Church
Congress of Igbo Leaders UK
Eke Community UK
Ekwulobia Urban League UK
Enugu state Association london 
Ezinihitte Community UK
Igbo Cultural and Support Network ICSN UK
Igbo Community Luton 
Igbo women Community Manchester
Igbo Community Wales
ihiagwa Progressive Association
Isuofia Peoples Assembly 
Nri Progress Union
Nsukka Welfare Association UK
Oguta Uk and Ireland Association
Ogidi Community of Uk and Ireland
Ohafia Improvement Union
Old Orlu Divisional Union
Umuoji Improvement Union Uk and Ireland 
Umuopara Community United kingdom
Young Igbo Womens Association @yiwa_uk



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  • I noticed that the Umu Anioma of Delta State was not listed as attendees, could this be deliberate or an oversight? This isn’t the first time this has happened.

    UcheChukwu Benye

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