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Igbo Tees - Unique Custom T-shirts With A West African Heritage

At Igbo Tees, we craft wearable art that allows you showcase your Igbo roots in style and authenticity. Our passion lies in blending tradition with contemporary design, bringing you Tees that resonate and promote your Igbo heritage. Each Tee is meticulously crafted here in the UK and delivered to you wherever you are in the world. We are more than a clothing brand. We are a statement of identity, unity and cultural relevance. Calling all language enthusiasts, history buffs and cultural connoisseurs! Join us in preserving the legacy of the Igbo people by wearing our Tees that tell stories and spark conversation. 

Igbo Tees is a Black owned , UK based and established in 2021.

Our founder is also the creator of the  Igbolearners language learning platform.


So How Did It Start?
Having committed to fully learn to speak Igbo properly in 2020 (in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests), Obianuju created Igbolearners to help herself and other adult learners of Igbo language.

Along the way, she decided to incorporate T-shirts she designed herself so that people of Igbo descent and anyone who loves the Igbo culture could find a way to express their love for this culture.

"The problem was I couldn't find nice looking Igbo themed T-shirts. I remember looking online for Igbo themed T-shirts for our Valentines day giveaway on Igbolearners and I couldn't find anything that I would want to wear myself. So I created my own."


So What's The Mission?
To embrace our heritage boldly and become a walking testament to our beautiful traditions. Our commitment to quality means that you experience comfort and durability with every Tee.

And The Brand  Vision?
It's our vision to see more young people embracing Igbo culture by wearing our Tees. Whether you are attending family gatherings or cultural events or simply strolling down the street, we got you. 


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Igbo men wearing Isiagu shirt

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