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Custom Tees For Birthdays /Graduation/ Wedding /Bridal Party / Event / Anniversary

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For Birthdays /Graduation/ Wedding Party /Bridal Party / Events / Anniversary

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Customised Tshirt for Wedding , Bridal party and BirthdayCustomised Tshirt for Wedding , Bridal party, Birthday and Anniversary

1.Personalized sweatshirt  in Size X-Large with Pearl and Gemstone Encrusted lettering and interlocking hearts Gem Rhinestone detail (Name changeable on request)

2. Personalized sweatshirt for new bride in size Large with Pearl and gemstone encrusted lettering and interlocking heart pearls (Name changeable on request)

Customised Tshirt for Wedding , Bridal party , Anniversary and BirthdayCustomized  Glitter Tshirt for 40th Birthday Party

3. Personalized sweatshirt with Gold Glitter and 
heart sleeve detailing (left sleeve) - Request Any Name 

4. 40th Birthday T-shirt in Size Large with Ash Glitter and Rhinestone Gem details

Customized Bridal Sash in Rhinestone GemsCustomized Tshirt for Wedding , Bridal party and Birthday

5. Custom Rhinestone Gem Bridal Sash (Request Any NAME)

6. Custom Rhinestone Gem Milestone Birthday Sash  (Request Any Name)

Bling Rhinestone Glitter Valentines TshirtValentines Day Embellished Glitter and Gem Tee

7.Custom Valentines Heart Shape Gem Tee (Request any Name)
8.Custom Glitter and Rhinestone Gem Embellished Tee (Request any name)